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Application documents

To complete  the application process the Applicants have to  submit to the University the original (hard copies) of the following  documents:

6MD, 5DMD, B.Sc. Nursing:

  • APPLICATION FORM – filled in, downloaded from the on-line registration system and printed. Then signed by the Applicant. All check boxes should be marked by hand again and answers specified when required.
  • DIPLOMA – legalised original (or duplicate) of relevant education certificate (a diploma or another document confirming graduation from a foreign school). Holders of the IB Diplomas (International Baccalaureate) issued by the International Baccalaureate Organization in Geneva and holders of the EB Diplomas (European Baccalaureate) issued by the European Schools, in accordance with the Convention on the Statute of the European Schools drawn up in Luxembourg on June 21, 1994 (Journal of Laws of 2005, No. 3, item 10) – there is recognition under the law, you need to deliver the original IB or EB Diploma (or a notary confirmed copy) to the office on Hallera Square 1.

* Please learn more about apostille here: HCCH APOSTILLE SECTION

NOTE: If you graduated from school, that follows for example the Indian Curriculum (India is a country from which an Apostille is required) and you studied at that school in Kuwait (a country from which legalization is required), then you must apply for an Apostille from India, not legalization from Kuwait. The same applies for A-level Certificates obtained at schools located in other countries than Great Britain – for these you must have an Apostille from Great Britain (the country whose national curriculum you were following at your school).

  •  TRANSCRIPT OF RECORDS – you need a documentary evidence of learning in a foreign school containing:
    • a list of grades received from an exam determining the graduation from a school or a completion of a given educational stage,
    • a list of completed subjects and classes as well as grades.
      It should be confirmed by a school or by an educational institution which has issued the certificate, or by education authorities.
      NOTE: Grades may be included in the diploma / certificate itself. In this case there is no need of submitting any additional document.
  • ELIGIBILTY STATEMENT – an information on the right to continuation of learning at an appropriate level in the country where diploma or certificate has been issued (including university studies, in which domain). Unless the diploma / certificate itself contains such information.

  • ENGLISH LANGUAGE CERTIFICATE for non-native English speakers
  • HEPATITIS B IMMUNIZATION PROOF– result of antibody surface test made in the out-patient clinic in Poland (the cost of such examination is on the candidate’s account)
  • 2 RECENT PASSPORT PHOTOS signed on the back


For full instruction regarding school documents that need to be submitted and the recognition process please click:

Legalization_ Recognition of high school documents – instruction what needs to be done_Kuratorium

Early bird discount: We offer 10% discount of the amount of the tuition fee for the 1st year of studies for those who successfully go through the whole admission procedure and get our Letter of Acceptance dated June 15, 2022 at the latest.

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