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Orientation program

To help facilitate foreign students  at the Medical University of Lodz once they  arrive, we organize  Orientation Program.

It takes place a few days  just before the start of the academic year. University staff and students provide newcomers with further information about life at the University and in Lodz.

This event is an ideal opportunity to become familiar with all matters related to everyday student life, to meet  deanery administration, your  tutors and  to meet each other,  your future classmates.


“Orientation” days  will guide you also:

  • how to establish your bank account
  • do first shopping
  • buy commuting pass
  • learn about the university facilities
  • be introduced to Foreign students  government reps
  • get acquainted to  the  city

The Orientation program for the students starting their academic year in 2018 will start on the 24th of September. Please make sure that you’ve taken it into account while booking your flight ticket.


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