The MUL Fundraiser is an annual even organized by the Student Government & Alumni Association of the international division of the Medical University of Lodz. Its aim is to raise funds for worthy causes that require assistance & support. In the past 7 years we have succeeded in raising funds for children’s hospices and shelters for the homeless in Lodz.

This year, our chosen charity is the ‘FUNDACJA MAM MARZENIA’ (I HAVE A DREAM FOUNDATION).  This is a non-profit organization, whose mission is to fulfill the dreams of children suffering from life-threatening diseases. They rely mainly on the support of volunteers and all proceeds raised, will go directly to the children sponsored.  This is a wonderful opportunity to help those in need, to give back to the community and to help a child’s dreams come true. Any help will  make a huge difference to their lives.

Part of the fundraiser is an Auction, for which we urgently require items and donations to be made. Any contribution will be warmly welcomed.

This is a worthy cause & we hope you will donate generously.
           SATURDAY, MAY 10TH, 2014
    ul. Jana Muszynskiego 1, Lodz, Poland

To participate/contribute contact: