Final year Elective Abroad procedure 2016/2017

To apply for Final Year Elective Rotations Abroad the student is required to:

1. Write an official Letter of Request (LOR)* to the Dean, stipulating :

  • the hospital’s  name, address and website (English),
  • short information about  the hospital (is it a teaching hospital),
  • contact person responsible for the rotation,
  • type of rotation (Internal, Surgery or Pediatrics),
  • period of time.

2. Submit an official confirmation letter  from the choosen  university hospital/clinic stating that you are accepted to perform the elective in this clinic for the indicated period. Such a letter/document should be signed by the person responsible for  supervision of  the elective or by another person in charge.

3. Upon receipt of the Dean’s approval, download the Clinical Evaluation Form from the MUL’s website, get it filled out and signed by the authorities of the Clinic/Department, at which the Elective Rotations are completed.

4. Make sure that the completed Clinical Evaluation Form(s) is sent by the person supervising the Rotation from the hospital’s email address directly to the student’s administrative coordinator at MUL and that the original Clinical Evaluation Form is submitted to the Dean’s Office.

Please, remember that all US hospitals should be ACGME (Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education) approved.

* LOR download
** CEF download (.pdf)
**  CEF download (.doc)