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Graduation Ceremony class of 2014 Division of Studies in English

On 5th June 2014  in the Hall “1000” in the Didactic Centre of the Medical University of Lodz the Graduation Ceremony was held for 44 Graduates of Medical and Dental Faculties of the Division of Studies in English.

The Ceremony was attended by over 400 guests, among whom there were numerous families and friends of the Alumni, who came from as far away corners of the world as Korea, India, Zambia, Nigeria, Australia, Canada, USA, Taiwan, to experience the sublime moments together.

The Ceremony  was graced with the presence of the University Authorities: the Rector, Deans of Faculties as well as distinguished guests representing institutions of the city and Łódź region.

The solemn singing of the National Anthem was followed by congratulatory speeches of  representatives of the University and official guests. The congratulatory letter from Mayor of Łódź Ms Hanna Zdanowska was also read out.

The most vital moment of the ceremony was taking the Hippocratic Oath by the new doctors and conferring of the Diplomas to the Graduates which was preceded by the recognition of those with outstanding academic results: 

  • Dr Allan Joachim Axel, France – 4MD program
  • Dr Alexandra Maria Pires Lombo, Portugal – 4MD program
  • Dr Tahira Butt, Norway – 5DMD program
  • Dr Eunhyun Kim, Korea – 5DMD program
  • Dr Ishaya Minso Gadzama, Nigeria – 6MD program
  • Dr Adamina Kaczorowska, Poland – 6MD program
  • Dr Corrine Elyse Fiddick, Canada – 6MD program

and of those who committed to the students’ community

  • Dr Jerry Christopher Lazarek, Kanada– 4MD program
  • Dr Arslan Sayed, USA – program 6MD program
  • Dr Isaac Roque, Indie – program 6MD program
  • Dr Mehwash Shahzad Muhamad, USA – 6MD program
  • Dr Aiste Janciauskaite, Szwecja – 6MD program
  • Dr Richard Brew, USA – 6MD program
  • Dr Thomas Aghazadeh, Szwecja – 6MD program
  • Dr Corrine Elyse Fiddick, Kanada – 6MD program

Additionally, the Administrative Center for Studies in English of the Medical University of Lodz presented   Dr Isaac Roque, India – 6MD program and Dr Jerry Christopher Lazarek, Canada– 4MD program with letters of Special Recognition for exceptional contribution in promotion of the medical programs in English.

Conferring of the Diploma to each graduate was accompanied by enthusiastic applause of the audience.

In the next part of the Ceremony the speeches were delivered by the Valedictorians, the Secretary of the Division of Studies in English Students’ Government Jonathon St. Onge and the President of the MUL Alumni Association Vinayak Pradeep.

Following the previous years’ tradition, the Graduates awarded the appointed academics with the ‘Teacher of the year 2014’ distinction. These were:

  • Tomasz Pawełczyk MD, PhD , Department of Affective & Psychotic Disorders, Department of

Adolescent Psychiatry

  • Patrycja Pietrzak MD, PhD, Department of Orthodontics
  • Tomasz Kun MD, PhD, Department of General and Experimental Pathology

The final accent of the official part of the Ceremony was the performance of the MUL Academic Choir, which aroused great enthusiasm among the Alumni and gathered guests.

The Ceremony ended with the Traditional Academic Anthem ’Gaudeamus’ performed by the University Choir.

The unofficial part of the Ceremony was started by throwing the Graduation Caps in the air by the Graduates surrounded by the camera flashes.

It is worth mentioning that for the first time in the history of Graduation Ceremonies of the Division of Studies in English, the whole event was broadcast live and could be watched in any corner of the world.

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