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Graduation Ceremony of The Class 2013- Division of Studies in English

On  the 5th  of June 2013, 52 students from the  Division of Studies in English celebrated Graduation Ceremony. The Ceremony was held in the  newly opened University Auditorium of the University Didactic Complex.
Over 400 guests  – Graduates’  friends as well as  family members attended this Ceremony.
It was also honored by the presence of the Representatives of the highest authorities of the City Hall and the Lodz  region. University’s  authority  were represented by the   Vice Rector for Science – Prof. Lucyna Wozniak accompanied by the esteemed  Members of the Boards of the Military-Medical Faculty and the Medical Faculty –  Professor Jurek Olszewski –Dean of the Faculty and Vice- deans- Professors: Dariusz Moczulski, Zbigniew Dudkiewicz and Jerzy Sokolowski. The Ceremony was presided by Vice – Dean for Studies in English , Professor Ireneusz Majsterek. The official part of the event  commenced  with the processional entrance of the Graduates  and the University Authorities escorted  by the University  Flag  and was followed  by The National Anthem performed by the University Choir.
Then , the Graduates were addressed with  the  graduation greetings and congratulations from the  University Rector, Faculty Members and the representative of the  municipal authorities. The diploma presentation was preceded by the solemn moment of The   Hippocratic Oath  taken by all  the Graduates.

The  best  Graduates who achieved the top overall performance:
4 year MD    – Dr Przemysław Ignaciuk , Poland        
5 year DMD – Dr  Wei-Chuan Wang , Taiwan
6 year MD   –  Dr Sara Hagstrom, Sweden

and also those who were involved in extracurricular activities for the  student community:
4 year MD
– Dr Samantha Catherine Janiga, USA
– Dr Francis Tandoh, USA
6-year MD 
– Dr Rehana Ahmed, Canada
– Dr Tasha Gaige, USA
– Dr  Faheem Javed, Canada
– Dr Thomas Mross, Germany
– Dr  Folami Popoola, USA

were honored with special thanks, congratulations and souvenirs.

Then all the Graduates were  announced in the alphabetical order to come up to the stage to be dressed  by the Dean with the traditional graduation hood, to  receive the display diploma, souvenirs and congratulations from the faculty. The audience gathered in  the hall enthusiastically welcomed  every new graduate.

Afterwards, the  President of The Student Government, Mr Marcel Leichle, on behalf of  the Graduates 2013, awarded  letters  of distinction for  The Teacher of the  Year from each study program:
4  year MD   –   Dr Lukasz Jasek-  Clinic of Neurology
5  year DMD –  Dr Joanna Kunert – Conservative Dentistry
6  year MD    – Dr Tomasz Gaszyński – Anasthesiology and Intensive Care Department  

and for  the Student of the Year :
4 year MD –  Dr Francis Tandoh
6 year MD –  Dr Folami Popoola

The Farewell speech of the  President of The Alumni Society, Mr Isaac Rouqe and the representatives of Allumni 2011 and 2012 was one of the closing moments of  the ceremony. This wonderful celebration ended with  “ Gaudeamus “– a historical academic  anthem performed   by the University Choir. Then , among spontaneous ovations of  friends, younger fellows and  relatives in tears of  joy, the graduates were posing for commemorative photos, including throwing graduation caps in the air . The photo session was followed by a post-graduation reception for the University faculty members, graduates and all  guests.


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