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Important – First stage of lifting restrictions related to COVID-19 – Valid from 20.04.2020

Dear Students,

The Polish Government has decided to lift and change several restrictions, which are currently in place. Please, read the new information carefully and act accordingly. Remember that the restrictions are lifted only AFTER the weekend – on Monday 20.04.2020! so follow the old regulations today and during the weekend, as you might still be fined for entering parks and forests during that time!

New normalcy: stages of lifting restrictions related to COVID-19


Some safety regulations will change from April 20. More people will be able to do shopping at one time, we will enter forests and parks for recreational purposes, and young people over 13 years of age will be able to move without adult supervision. We take cautious actions aimed at returning Polish people to normalcy, as well as unfreezing the Polish economy. This process will be divided into stages – in order to maintain the maximum safety of citizens. We want Polish people to use the new regulations wisely.

Basics of new normalcy – the most important permanent safety principles

Above all, we care about the continued protection of citizens, which is why unchanging safety rules will apply to all. They must become the foundation of new normalcy. These are:

  • maintaining a 2-meter distance from other people in public spaces,
  • obligatory covering the nose and mouth in public places,
  • maintaining work at home and online education wherever possible,
  • strict compliance with sanitary rules in places where people gather (disinfection and maintaining a proper distance),
  • quarantine and isolation for the infected or potentially infected people.

Four stages of lifting restrictions

The first limited safety rules will take effect from Monday 20 April 2020. The dates of the beginning of the remaining stages will be determined on an ongoing basis based on the dynamics of the new cases of coronavirus appearing.


Economic activity – new rules applying to trade and services

From Monday 20 April, more people will do their shopping at one time:

  • a maximum of as many people as the total number of cash registers or payment points multiplied by 4 will enter stores smaller than 100 m2;
  • in stores larger than 100 m2 there must be at least 15 m2 of space per 1 person.

Social life – open forests, recreation, older youth on the streets without adult supervision

  • Moving for recreational purposes

We will also enable movement for recreational purposes. What does it mean? From April 20 you will be able to enter forests and parks, as well as run or ride a bike – if your mental wellbeing depends on it. Remember, however, that you can stay outside only if you keep social distance and cover your face!

Attention! Playgrounds are still closed!

  • Religious worship – 1 person per 15 m2

The number of people who will be able to attend mass or other religious rites will depend on the area of ​​the temple. In the church, there will have to be at least 15 m2 of space for 1 person.

  • People over 13 years of age on the street without adult supervision

Older youth who are at least 13 years old will be able to move without adult supervision. However, they will need to keep a proper 2-meter distance from others and cover their mouths and noses.

The gradual removal of restrictions – subsequent dates determined after analysis

The Ministry of Health will carry out weekly evaluation of changes that occur in safety regulations. The transition to further stages of removing the restrictions will depend on:

  • increase in the number of cases (including the number of people in a severe condition),
  • the efficiency of health care (especially in hospitals dealing solely with coronavirus infections),
  • realisation of sanitary guidelines by responsible entities.

This means that we will be able to both speed up the introduction of new stages and slow down the changes depending on the situation!

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