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Instruction Manual for the Electronic Student Service System

I. Electronic Index – General Information

Electronic Index replaces the paper version of the Student’s Index Books and Examination Charts. Every student has an access to IT system of Medical University i.e. electronic mail in the domain and ESOS access to which is protected by individual student’s login and password.

All exams and credits results are included in ESOS and stored in the student’s file.The student is obliged to check his/her individual email account in the domain and ESOS regularly and follow all information referring to his/her course of studies, exams and credits results as well as announcements connected with the Faculty or the University.

II. Electronic Index – Step by Step Manual

Step 1. Logging into the system.

After entering the website, the login panel will appear.zrzut z ekranu logowania 1


Attention! You may receive your login and password from your respective administrative coordinator.

In the login window you should enter your:

  • Identification Number – which is the Individual Student’s Number
  • Password – Student’s private password

After entering above information click ‘Login


Step 2. – Menu and first page.

Zrzut z ekranu logowania 2

In the picture above you see the first page that will appear after correct logging in. (When the Questionnaire is activated the Questionnaire will be the first page that appears after logging in). In the opened  window (in the middle) the data of  the person logged in is presented. On the left side is the menu with all functionalities available in the academic year 2012/2013.


Step 3. – Electronic Index

Zrzut z ekranu logowania 3

After entering the Electronic Index Menu  you will see the list of subjects with grades.

In the main window the subjects conducted as seminars, lectures etc. as well as the subjects ending in a Final Grade are visible.The grade obtained as a Final Grade determines whether the student is credited for the subject.

  • Please report any inconsistency , for instance: absence of the subject  or grade,  incorrect form of classes etc. to your respective Dean’s Office.
  • Please report technical errors at UXP@UMED.LODZ.PL
  • The rest of the functionalities of the Electronic Index you will find in the presentation.
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