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Light. Move. Festival.

III Edition of the Kinetic Art of Lights Festival is a wonderful combination of light illuminations, installations, kinetic art, dynamics and 3D mapping – a colorful and exciting event organized for the town folks and tourists. The main idea of the festival is to show the value of urban area with the use of light. This event is a part of the project promoting cultural and creative potential in the city of Lodz as well as its architectural and industrial majesty.

Light. Move. Festival. is sound, music, color, city’s identity and modern technological approach. It is a cultural, artistic and educational event definitely worth participating. 

The originators of the Kinetic Art of Lights Festival are Beata Konieczniak and Norbert Wasserfurth – Grzybowski.

To find out more about this extraordinary event visit:,kalendarz-wydarzen.html?id=231


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