Our Graduates

We are in the process of collecting information about our alumni’s medical careers, their stories and professional progress.

More of our alumni’s lives and careers coming soon.

Chieh Huang, MD, MUL 2012 Graduate IMAG1953 There is always a saying describing about precious moments, that is time always flew by fast during wonderful times, and this totally described how I feel about after studying six years in the Medical University of Lodz. I graduated from this wonderful place and returned to my home country Taiwan, then I began my medical ... Read more

Leke Oyedotun, MD, MPAHS, FRSPH MUL 2012 Graduate LekeOyedotunLeke Oyedotun is a GP registrar in the United Kingdom, with a background in Basic Specialist Training (BST) in Internal Medicine from Ireland. He has a penchant for Quality improvement and Leadership in Medicine, with training from the Royal College of Physicians in Ireland and the Health Education East Midlands, UK. He is a Fellow of ... Read more

Felix Boakye-Agyeman MD MPH MUL 2012 Graduate Felix Boakye-AgyemanI am a National Institute of health (NIH) Post-doctoral Fellow at Mayo clinic In Rochester, MN. USA. I am in the Oncology and Clinical Pharmacology department. It’s a training fellowship intended for young physicians who want to do research or combine research with clinical practice. It fits into my long term goal of becoming a ... Read more

Hugues Gentillon, MD, PhDc, MFA MUL 2011 Graduate Hugues_Gentillon Hugues Gentillon is a physician-scientist and an entrepreneurial filmmaker. In the medical field, Gentillon does research in computational image analysis and radiological science. He is currently collaborating with the Medical University of Lodz radiology department and the Techinical University of Lodz radio-electronics department. His project aims at developing computer-aided diagnostic methods to assist radiologist in making ... Read more

David FAM, MD 164278_10151480246381702_1616568954_n I graduated from the MUL in June 2011. Following that I completed a year of research in behavioural neurology focussing on frontotemporal dementia and Alzheimer’s disease at Baycrest Hospital in Toronto. I was able to match to the University of Toronto Adult Neurology program following this. I am just wrapping up my first residency year ... Read more