Rules & Regualtions

Medical University of Lodz

Faculty of Military Medicine


of the Premedical Preparatory Course

for Candidates to Medical Studies in English

in MD and DMD Programs


General provisions

  1. Premedical Preparatory Course, later referred to as “Course”, is dedicated to persons who wish to study 6-year medical programme or 5-year dentistry programme at the Medical University of Lodz (MUL) or other Universities.
  2. The Rules and Regulations describe the general principals of participation, its organization as well as the rights and obligations of the participant.
  3. The Course is arranged by the Center for Organization and Administration of Studies in English of the MUL.


In order to participate in the Course the candidate is required to meet the following conditions:

  1. secondary-level graduation certificate entitling to university education in the country of its issue;
  2. extended level of knowledge (advance placement) in 2 of the following subjects: Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Mathematics – documented by the school graduation  certificate;
  3. command of English at the upper-intermediate level, confirmed by the language certificate or secondary school transcript;
  4. valid visa, residency permit or other document authorizing to a legal stay in the territory of the Republic of Poland for the period of the course duration;
  5. pay the fee for the course – 5500 euro.


Course organization

  1. The course lasts from 9th November 2015 to 1st July 2016, and contains 988 teaching hours:
    • 448 hours of basic subjects (160 hours Biology, 160 hours Chemistry, 128 hours Physics);
    • 280 hours of Medical English;
    • 140 hours of Polish;
    • 50 hours of Introduction to Anatomy;
    • 70 hours of Introduction to Academic Professionalism, Social Competencies and Learning Skills.
  2. The course follows the curriculum  approved by the Council of the Faculty of Military Medicine of MUL.
  3. The Main Coordinator of the course is the Vice-Dean responsible for the Studies in English.
  4. The detailed organization of the course and the syllabus are determined by the Centre for Organization and Administration of Studies in English.


Credits for classes and completion of the course

  1. The conditions for the completion of the course are:
    • systematic attendance to the classes and e-learning sessions according to the course curriculum,
    • passing all tests and exams provided in the course curriculum,
    • obtaining positive final grades in all subjects.
  2. The attendance of all lectures and classes is obligatory.
  3. Five unjustified absences in each subject class for the duration of the whole course are acceptable.
  4. Being late more than 15 minutes 3 times will count as 1 absence.
  5. Being late more than 30 minutes will count as 1 absence.
  6. The student who was absent more than 5 times has to produce written justification of absence to the course coordinator, not later than within 5 working days after the reason for his absence ceased.
  7. Absences which resulted from private matters that could be arranged before or after classes (eg. regular appointment with a dentist) will not be considered as acceptable.
  8. In the event of more than 5 absences, if the course coordinator finds the justification acceptable, the decision on the method of completing the subject will be made by the Coordinator together with the subject teacher.
  9. In the event of numerous unjustified absences and lack of required progress the participant will be issued the Warning Letter. After receiving the first Warning Letter the participant will have one month to improve. In case of lack of improvement the second Warning Letter will be issued. The third Warning Letter will result in removing the participant from the list of the Premedical Preparatory Course.
  10. The participant who obtains a failing grade is obliged to make it up by a deadline designated by the subject teacher.
  11. The participant has three attempts at passing each examination.
  12. Positive grades in all the subjects of the Premedical Preparatory Course release the candidates from the obligation to take the entrance exam for studies at the MUL in the part where the knowledge of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics is tested.


  1. The dates of the final exams of the subjects are designated by the subject coordinators.
  2. In the event of failing, the subject coordinator designates a date for a retake.
  3. The coordinator together with the Main Coordinator (Vice-Dean responsible for the Studies in English) decide on the form of examination (oral / written).
  4. The classes are credited by the coordinator.


Rights and obligations of the course participant

  1. During the time of the course the participant has no entitlements of a university student.
  2. The course participant:
    • is obliged to comply with the Rules and Regulations and Rules of Order applicable at the MUL;
    • is not eligible for any benefits from the Student Welfare Fund for the students of the MUL.


The course graduate obtains a course completion certificate with the grades achieved in all subjects specified.