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Assessment Methods

Forms of assessment

Exam – grade, used to calculate CGA
Credit with grade – grade used to calculate cumulative CGA
Credit – Pass/Pass (grade)/Fail, not calculated into cumulative CGA (GPA)

Grading System

5.0 – excellent
4.5 – very good
4.0 – good
3.5 – satisfactory
3.0 – sufficient
2.0 – failed CGA (Cumulative Grade Average)

Since October 1st, 2010 the cumulative grade average (CGA) is calculated by summing up all final (credits and exams) grades including failed and dividing them by the number of courses. School Regulations – the Appendix to the Senate Resolution no 267/2010 of May 27th 2010. For students who are enrolled before October 1st 2010, based on the School Regulations of 2003 Yearly CGA is calculated by summing up all the exams grades (including failed) and dividing them by the number of attempts, whereas Final (diploma) CGA is calculated by summing up the exams grades (exclincluding failed). Yearly CGA (all grades incl. failed divided by all attempts) is used for awards, distinctions, academic and social scholarships as well as for all sorts of class rankings requested by external institutions.

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