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Immigration Rules

Regulations Regarding Immigration Procedures

After Poland’s joining Schengen Zone, since September 2008 additional regulations regarding foreigners arriving to Poland with the purpose of starting or continuation of studies have been introduced.

Foreign students are obligated to possess quoted below minimum amounts of money to cover living expenses on the territory of Poland and return fares:

  • 800 PLN/or equivalent in foreign currency for each month of stay
  • 450 PLN/or equivalent for each family member
  • 500 PLN/ or equivalent to cover return fares if a student arrives from an European third country
  • 2500PLN/or equivalent to cover return fares if a student arrives from a country outside Europe.

(foreign currencies are converted into PLN using average rate of exchange announced by NBP (National Bank of Poland) on the last working day preceding foreigner’s entry into Polish territory.

“Wiza pobytowa krajowa” (code D 09) – allows for entry and continuous stay on the territory of the Republic of Poland or several stays lasting together more than 3 months but not exceeding together a year within visa validity. This type of a visa is valid only in the country of studies and doesn’t allow trips to other countries.

“Wiza pobytowa jednolita” – allows for single or multiple entries on the condition that neither length of continuous stay nor total amount of consecutive stays in Schengen territory do not exceed 3 months during each 6 month period counting from the first entry to its territory. The visa indicates the number of entries to the county within its validity, e.g. 01 – one entry, multiple – unlimited number of entries. In practice a bearer of such a visa should start application procedures to obtain Karta Tymczasowego Pobytu (Residence Card) right after arrival but not later than one day before its expiry.

Both types of visas are granted by Polish Consulates abroad.

Immigration Rules

In order to legalize the stay with the purpose to study in Poland each student, who doesn’t have a 1-year student visa, has to apply for the Residence Card in the local Immigration Office. In order to follow the procedure a student has to submit:

  1.  valid paszport (1 photocopy)
  2.  travel documents (air tickets/boarding cards)
  3.  filled in application form – original and 1 copy (available from the Immigration Office)
  4.  4 color photographs 4,5×3,5 cm (left profile)
  5.  confirmation of local accommodation registration (from dorm or other address, where a   student will be accommodated) MELDUNEK
  6.  state loan proof or bank statement confirming financial means for stay and study
  7.  Dean’s certificate confirming student’s status.
  8.  Insurance Policy covering travel insurance of stay in Poland.

Documents necessary for the application procedure should be submitted not later than 1 day prior the expiration of current visa or permission. All Documents have to be translated into Polish by a sworn translator and an application form has to be filled in Polish as well.

Residence Card is valid for 15 months+ 3 month extension. The stamp duty fees for a temporary residence card and procedure amount to 390 PLN.

For details please see the attached file, as below: Immigration procedure presentation

Registration of stay (Meldunek)

Meldunek this is registration at the place of your residency in Poland.

ALL students should register their place of accommodation  in the Municipal Office of Łódź immediately after their arrival to Łódź, at the Population Registration Section of the Administrative Department of the Municipality.

Students, who stay at the dormitory, will be registered by the dorm’s administration.

Students, who rent the flat in the city, should ask their landlord to assist them in registration.
The following documents are required to obtain registration proof:

  1.  Passport
  2.  Flat-to-let or buy/sell contract (for those leaving  outside the dormitory)

The foreigners having the registration of stay (Meldunek) for longer than 3 months are being given the PESEL number – personal number of Public Electronic System of Population Evidence (Powszechny Elektroniczny System Ewidencji Ludności – PESEL)

PESEL numbers may be also required by various Polish institutions (i.e. to conclude contracts for renting a flat, renting a car, buying internet and cable TV access etc.)

Responsibility for obtaining and maintaining legal status remains with the student.

Dormitory and School administration will assist you with preparation of documents required to apply for registration of stay and the Residence Card.

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