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Do I have to upload printed and signed Application Form?

  • No. The Application Form is to be signed after the acceptance.

When the Committee is going to evaluate my documents?

  • Your files should be evaluated within two weeks. However, sometimes when not everything is clear to the Admission Committee you will be asked to send additional documents and in consequence the evaluation process may take a bit longer.

Do I have to take the MS Teams entrance exam from the same subjects that I have on my school leaving certificates/diplomas?

  • Yes. On your certificate you have AP from biology and chemistry then you have to choose those subjects for your exam.

Can I apply for the 2nd semester of medicine/dentistry studies?

  • No. We have intake once a year and you are welcome to apply for the 1st semester of the 1st year of one of our programs.

Do you offer any preparation courses for dentistry and medicine?

I’m interested in studying at MUL. Can someone guide me around the University?

  • At the beginning of each academic year we organize an Orientation program for the freshmen. Those students who are accepted and take part in the Orientation program will be able to participate in the free tour around the campus.

Do you offer any discounts for the EU or EEA citizens?

  • We do not offer any discounts for the students.

My parents are Polish. Can I get a discount on my tuition?

  • Your descent does not affect the tuition fee.

I’ve already finished studies and I’m holding an MA/MSc degree. Is it possible for me to be exempted from the entrance exam?

  • No. Your knowledge has to be verified during the exam. The entrance exam is obligatory for all candidates.

Can I transfer to MUL from another University?

  • No, we do not accept transfers from another Universities.

Can I pay my tuition fee in installments ?

Are there any scholarships for foreign students?

  • No, we do not offer any scholarships.
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