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Covid restrictions restored (20.03.2021 – 9.04.2021)

Dear Students,

Due to the increasing number of new cases of COVID-19, the Government of the Republic of Poland has decided to reintroduce some of the safety rules.

Below, you will find a list of things to keep in mind in the period from 20.03 to 09.04.


From 20 March to 9 April, the following restrictions will apply throughout Poland. The following must suspend their activities:

  • hotels (except for, among others, worker hostels, as well as accommodation provided on business trips – the exact catalogue of exceptions, together with the required confirmation of business travel, will be included in the Regulation);
  • shopping malls – except, among others,  grocery stores, pharmacies and drugstores, newsagent’s, bookstores, pet shops and DIY shops. In shopping malls you will still be able to access the services of, among others, hairdressers, opticians, banks, laundries;
  • theatres, museums, art galleries (it is only possible to organize rehearsals, as well as online events);
  • cinemas (the ban on screening movies also applies to cultural centres);
  • swimming pools (except for swimming pools in medical institutions and for the members of the national team);
  • saunas, tanning salons, Turkish baths, slimming salons, casinos;
  • ski slopes;
  • fitness clubs and gyms;
  • sports facilities (they can only be used for professional sport and without the participation of spectators).
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