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Fragments of the Rector’s Directive 48/2020 regarding the gradual coming back to the regular functioning of the University

Dear Students,

Below, you will find fragments (that apply directly to you) of the Rector’s Directive 48/2020 regarding the gradual coming back to the regular functioning of the University. Please, read everything carefully and strictly follow all the recommendations. Remember that the offices are still closed to you and you can only visit in the absolutely exceptional cases and only after setting a date with your coordinator!

§ 2


1. Students and other visitors are helped remotely, using all the available means of remote communication.

2. In justified cases, in which electronic document circulation is not possible, members of the University community and other visitors are served individually by prior telephone or email appointment.

3. The service of members of the University community and other visitors takes place in designated zones within the office or building, observing the sanitary regime, with particular emphasis on covering the nose and mouth by using masks or visors, if no protective screens have been installed in the zone. Directors are obliged to designate such service zones in consultation with building administrators and the Health and Safety Inspectorate.

4. It is recommended to enter a visiting person into a register of visitors, including name and phone number, subject to the provisions on the protection of personal data. Detailed guidelines will be developed for each location in consultation with the building administrator and directors.

5. Members of the University community and other visitors are required to disinfect their hands using available disinfectants and to cover their mouths and noses before entering the building.

6. Employees are admitted to the University buildings upon presentation of an employee ID.

§ 10


1. In connection with the continuation of teaching at the University using distance learning techniques, the accommodation of new people in dormitories is suspended in the academic year 2019/2020.

2. The following decisions stay in place:

1) a ban on external visitors in student dormitories;

2) a ban on the organization of assemblies in student housing;

3) closing of common spaces in dormitories, including rooms for quiet learning and gyms.

3. A person entering the dormitory building is obliged to disinfect their hands using disinfectants available at the entrance.

4. Contact with the dormitory administration should be made by phone or e-mail.

5. A dormitory resident suspected of being infected with SARS-CoV-2 virus is obliged to report this fact to the dormitory administration and the State Sanitary Inspection and to comply with the recommendations and guidelines of the State Sanitary Inspection.

6. The dormitory administrator is required to designate rooms for temporary isolation.

§ 11


1. The Information and Library Center carries out electronic book orders.

2. The books ordered are collected using the book machine and the books are returned via the automatic depository on the current basis; returned books are quarantined.

3. Clearance charts are signed electronically. Non-standard situations are considered individually.

4. It is recommended to contact the employees of the Information and Library Center by phone or via e-mail.

5. A detailed schedule of gradual resumption of activities of the Information and Library Center will be published by May 31, 2020 on the website: www.cib.umed.lodz.pl.

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