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Health insurance and meetings at the Centre

Dear Students,

Below you will find some information related to the beginning of the new academic year in connection with the new academic year amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic SARS-CoV-2.

  1. Due to the current epidemiological situation, personal meetings with the Dean are suspended. If there are matters that you want to discuss with the Dean, the procedure is as follows: write a letter to the Dean with your signature and email it scanned to the Administrative Coordinator taking care of you. The coordinator hands over the application to the Dean and, after his decision, contacts the student on the matter. If the Dean decides that the matter requires a meeting and discussion in Teams, the student will be informed.
  2. Meetings with employees of the Center are possible only by prior arrangement by phone or e-mail. Students visiting the Center unannounced will not be served. Please be on time for meetings and not be in the building without purpose. During meetings with employees of the Center, it is obligatory to wear a mask. If you need to sign documents, please bring your own pen and use disposable gloves.
  3. We wish to remind you that each student is obliged to have an insurance package valid in the territory of the Republic of Poland. As part of this package, you should be provided with contact with general practitioner in Poland (basic medical care) who, in the event of disturbing flu-like symptoms, will show you directions for further treatment and, if necessary, refer you to a COVID-19 test. Please take this obligation very seriously.
  4. Also we remind you to comply with the safety rules applicable at the University (see the graphics)

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