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New epidemiological rules!

Dear Students,

Please be informed that the Government of the Republic of Poland has introduced new restrictions aimed at stopping the spread of COVID-19. The most important change for you is that starting tomorrow (10.10.2020) – we are going back to wearing masks outside! Remember about this as you might be fined if you do not wear a mask and do not have a doctor’s note on you that states that you have medical issues that prevent you from wearing them!

Read all the restrictions carefully. Łódź is now in the yellow zone.

Here is the translated message from the Government:

“During the fight against the coronavirus, the most important thing is our responsible behaviour and compliance with applicable restrictions. Enriched by the experience of the last months, we are introducing new safety rules. After the changes, some counties with the highest number of cases will go to the red zone. From October 10, the entire country will be included in the yellow zone, except for counties belonging to the red zone

Nose and mouth cover compulsory nationwide 

Remember to cover your nose and mouth in public spaces – in shops, buses, but also on the street. It will be compulsory nationwide! 

Importantly, only people who have a medical certificate or a document confirming their disability are exempt from this obligation. 

Restaurants – new rules 

To minimize the spread of the coronavirus, restaurants in the red zone will be able to open at certain times – from 6:00 to 22:00.  

There should be a safe distance in such places throughout the country – there should be at least 4 m2 per person. 

Dancing areas cannot be made available in restaurants and other closed spaces throughout the country. 

Fewer guests at special events

If you are planning to organize baptisms, weddings, or other special events, you should remember that there is a limit of people who can participate. In the red zone – 50 people, in other counties – 75 people. To prepare properly for this, this limitation will take effect with a one-week adjustment period on October 17th. 

New rules for cultural events

There is a total ban on organizing and participating in cultural events in the red zone. In cinemas, however, there may be 25% of the audience. How is it in the rest of the country? 

In a confined space, this type of event can take place with the participation of 25% of the audience – the same rule applies in cinemas. A maximum of 100 people can participate in cultural events that take place outdoors – however, the number of viewers, listeners, visitors, or participants must not exceed 1 person per 5 m2. 

Be safe during an assembly 

There will still be a limitation on the number of assembly attendees. It can be up to 150 people. Participants must cover their mouth and nose and keep a minimum distance of 1.5 m from other people. Additionally, there must be a distance between different assemblies – a minimum of 100 meters. 

Zero tolerance for non-compliance with safety rules 

We apply the principle – zero tolerance for non-compliance with safety rules. Our health depends on mutual responsibility. Remember that! That’s why you have to: 

• follow the current restrictions, 

• cover your mouth and nose, 

• frequently wash and disinfect your hands, 

• keep a safe distance from other people, 

• avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.”

Dear Students,

Please follow this website closely to learn the names of the counties in the red zone: https://www.gov.pl/web/koronawirus/powiaty-z-restrykcjami – new updates on the issue will be published here by the Government. A new map of the counties in the red zone is also always published on the Ministry of Health’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/MZGOVPL and on their website: https://www.gov.pl/web/zdrowie. We attach the current map here as well for your reference.


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