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Online Adaptive International Progress Test (OAIPT) project

Experience a PROGRESS TEST. Compare your knowledge and skills to other medical students in Europe and see how far (or how close) you are on the way to become a competent doctor. Take part in an Online Adaptive International Progress Test (OAIPT) project.


SIGN UP HERE: https://forms.gle/8oKrgo2CM3Fy9WC97


What is a progress test?

A progress test, unlike a smaller test taken after each learning unit, covers all content from all academic years.


Who can participate?

All medical students of all academic years with a good command of English.


When and where is it?

Wednesday, 25 November, 5 PM, online

Friday, 27 November, 5 PM, online

Saturday, 28 November, 11 AM, online


Will I get a grade?

No. OAIPT is a form of formative assessment and it’s just for your self-development. Participation in the project WILL NOT affect your academic record.


What will I get?

You will experience taking a progress test, a form of assessment used worldwide.  You will get RICH FEEDBACK ON ALL SUBJECTS. If you take part in more than one test you will be able to monitor your progress.


Where can I find more detailed information about progress testing?

Just go to: https://www.ceesvandervleuten.com/publications/Progress-testing


SIGN UP HERE: https://forms.gle/8oKrgo2CM3Fy9WC97


The test consists of 125 questions and formally lasts 150 minutes, however most of the students finish much earlier. In the application form you will find more details about the Progress Test.


SIGN UP HERE: https://forms.gle/8oKrgo2CM3Fy9WC97


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