Our graduates

Wiktor Pietraszewski, DMD, MUL 2017 Graduate

Dr Wiktor Pietraszewski graduated the MUL English Division 5 year DMD programme in 2017. After completing a…

Chieh Huang, MD, MUL 2012 Graduate

There is always a saying describing about precious moments, that is time always flew by fast during…

Leke Oyedotun, MD, MPAHS, FRSPH MUL 2012 Graduate

Leke Oyedotun is a GP registrar in the United Kingdom, with a background in Basic Specialist Training…

Felix Boakye-Agyeman MD MPH MUL 2012 Graduate

I am a National Institute of health (NIH) Post-doctoral Fellow at Mayo clinic In Rochester, MN. USA….

Hugues Gentillon, MD, PhDc, MFA MUL 2011 Graduate

Hugues Gentillon is a physician-scientist and an entrepreneurial filmmaker. In the medical field, Gentillon does research in…

David FAM, MD

I graduated from the MUL in June 2011. Following that I completed a year of research in…

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