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Felix Boakye-Agyeman MD MPH MUL 2012 Graduate

I am a National Institute of health (NIH) Post-doctoral Fellow at Mayo clinic In Rochester, MN. USA. I am in the Oncology and Clinical Pharmacology department. It’s a training fellowship intended for young physicians who want to do research or combine research with clinical practice. It fits into my long term goal of becoming a principal investigator (scientist) and a professor of medicine/clinical Pharmacology

I am being trained to acquire the experience and expertise in Clinical Pharmacology. This training emphasizes on translational research in the areas of pharmacokinetics and drug metabolism of investigational anticancer agents now being studied in early (Phase I and II) clinical trials. I have been characterizing the pharmacokinetics of several drugs now under clinical investigation for treatment of advanced cancers. I am responsible for all aspects of the conduct, analysis and interpretation of the pharmacokinetic and metabolism studies for these trials. I have developed bioanalytical methodology (HPLC, LC/MS/MS) for several drugs. I’m in the process of mastering the development of models for drugs using population pharmacokinetics (PK), pharmacodynamics (PD), pharmacometrics, pharmacogenomics/genetics and systems pharmacology. I am also responsible for the development of any complimentary methods required to characterize potential metabolites of the new drugs. I design and analyze PK/PD models needed to investigate relationships between patient characteristics, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamic endpoints. My strength is being able to combine the medicine I studied in Lodz with pharmacology.

At the end of this fellowship I will be a board certified Clinical Pharmacologist. I have three paths to follow. I could take the physician/scientist rout, stay in academia or become a scientist (principal investigator) or become a consultant for Drug companies and CRO’s. I believe MUL put me in this position to be part of a group that is creating novel ways in drug development especially in oncology. Mayo Clinic is a leader in medical innovation and I am thankful that Medial University of Lodz gave me the opportunity and the right training to be part of this organization.

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