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Hugues Gentillon, MD, PhDc, MFA MUL 2011 Graduate

Hugues Gentillon is a physician-scientist and an entrepreneurial filmmaker.

In the medical field, Gentillon does research in computational image analysis and radiological science. He is currently collaborating with the Medical University of Lodz radiology department and the Techinical University of Lodz radio-electronics department. His project aims at developing computer-aided diagnostic methods to assist radiologist in making more objective interpretation of ultrasound and magnetic resonance pictures of fetal brain. Gentillon is currently engaged with Dr. Sara Hagström. They both reside and work in Sweden. Gentillon wants to become a neuroradiologist. He is currently under contract with Falköpings hospital department of neuropsychiatry.

While studying medicine, Gentillon parallelly studied acting at the New York Film Academy and motion pictures and television at the Academy of Art University. His MFA thesis project focuses on directing.

Gentillon’s MFA thesis short film was accepted at the 2014 Marché du Film, organized by the Festival de Cannes, the most prestigious and publicized film festival in the world. He currently working on two feature film projects: 1) Love Me Haiti, based on the life-story of Dr. Alix Charles and his manuscript 2) Forgiveness, adapted from the book entitled “Forgiveness… The Rwandan Way” by Francine Umutesi.

Hugues Gentillon is inspired by other doctor-artist hybrids in the history of medicine. During his education, Gentillon did not let his advisers make him settle for one or the other – when he can do both!

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