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Dear Students,


Please, be advised that the quarantine rules have been changed in Poland. Now, if a person you live with has been diagnosed with COVID-19, you are obliged to go on self-quarantine immediately. You also need to stay on it until 7 days after your flatmate’s isolation period has ended – even if you don’t have any symptoms.


Example: Your flatmate John has been tested positive and his isolation period ends on 09.11. If that is the case, you are obliged to self-quarantine for 7 additional days after his isolation finishes so you can leave your house on 17.11. Note that during John’s isolation, you are also obliged to stay home!


Please, note that the sanitary-epidemic services may contact you during this period and that the police can monitor you. Administrative fines for breaking the quarantine are very steep (!!! up to 30 000 PLN !!!), be aware of that.

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