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Rector’s Letter

Ladies and gentlemen,
Dear University and Hospital Staff,
Dear Students,
The ever-changing epidemic has modified our plans and intentions. At the end of September, at the meeting with the Ministry of Health, the majority of the participants were certain that we would conduct normal classes, including clinical ones. Time has verified it quickly. After the decision of the Council of Ministers, we had to return to online classes, trying to maintain – where possible – practical ones. It is difficult – especially in hospitals where a large number of staff either go into quarantine or become ill.
Those teachers who stay on duty are often very tired, devoting themselves first and foremost to the sick. Therefore, we have introduced flexible solutions that allow, among other things, for ad hoc group fusions and other modifications so that the teaching process is carried out. We all have to accept it with humility – in the face of the dramatic situation in which we put the sick first. In some places, we are slowly adapting and returning to practical classes.
We learned from the last exam session that online exams are a waste of time and energy. I decided that the exams and the semester credit tests indicated by the appropriate Deans are to be held in stationary mode, on campus. This applies to both oral and written / test exams. The examinations do not constitute assemblies in the legal sense, so there are no obstacles to conduct them on a day-to-day basis in order to properly test the students’ knowledge. Course coordinators should immediately bring the syllabuses into line with this decision. On the other hand, students who, for important and objective reasons, will not be able to take the exams in the stationary mode may apply for a Dean’s leave. We will monitor the course of all the exams (written, tests and oral).
We are a university that prepares for their future careers doctors and employees of all health care professions, whose responsibility and dedication are not only a credit to them, but are inextricably bound to them. Proper education of these people is our duty.
This message is not exhaustive of the list of ‘hot’ topics currently under consideration – I will keep you informed as further decisions are undertaken.

Radzisław Kordek

Rector of Medical University of Lodz

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