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Rector’s Letter of May 4th, 2020

Dear Students,

I’ll start by asking for understanding.

The University, as an institution, has met with the need to urgently introduce many changes in each of the areas of its activity and unfortunately not everything works out as if we would have wished. Each day is a time of effort. We improve, collect information and signals that we respond to. The situation is dynamic, but please believe me, we are trying very hard so that you can study in the best and the fullest possible way in the current epidemic situation.

We face two unknown factors, necessary to make many decisions.

The first is epidemic activity and government decisions regarding the operation of the university. The Ministry of Science and Higher Education and the Ministry of Health are  constantly working on necessary solutions.

The second unknown factor is a whole series of expected legal solutions regarding practical classes and summer trainings. The summer training problem concerns several fields, including analytics, cosmetology, physiotherapy, nursing. All universities in the country have the same problem. Solutions are underway in the government and we are working on alternative practical online tasks. We should work out solutions by the end of the session and end the problem. As I informed you earlier, the credit for summer training will be postponed for later, with the credit transferred.

The situation of the students of Studies in English is very specific. We have decided that in this group we will carry out all exams online, so that students do not have to come to Poland and stay in quarantines. We do not want to expose anyone to the unnecessary risks associated with the journey itself and the additional high costs it generates. I will issue an immediate directive regarding this matter.

Also for students studying in Polish a large number of exams and credit tests will be carried out online. We are currently preparing solutions. However, we are considering conducting several exams at computers or in the booklets, but the decisions as to the final dates and the mode of the exam itself will be taken after the government guidelines are known. If the exams cannot be done in June, we will move them to September, although it is also difficult to predict the situation in the autumn. It should be remembered that we do not know what September will bring, and it may be better to implement whatever is possible in June. After the instructions on the final exams are published, we will make final decisions.


Dear Students of all fields of study,

We are trying to do everything to ensure that the consequences of decisions made in this difficult and uncertain time turn out to be the least severe for you and that despite the global crisis you will be able to finish your studies on time.

I will keep you updated on any new didactic guidelines. Please also direct your doubts and questions to the Student Government, as we are in constant contact.


With kind regards

Radzisław Kordek

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