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In order to create your personal account please click the link below:

Please don’t use hotmail e-mail addresses. Our system is unable to deliver messages to hotmail.

 Step I – permission for processing personal data
To go further you have to accept at least the first 3 requirements.

Step II – choosing the program

Step III – filling in the Application Form
If all the sections  (I-VI) of the Application Form  are filled in please expect the e-mail with a password to your personal account.

Step IV – submitting documents
If  documents are successfully submitted you will get the status : verification of documents  pending

Step V –   result of verification
The Admission Committee verifies your documents  and decides if you met the admission criteria and are allowed  to take the next step in the application process. The status on your personal account is changed respectively.  Confirmation e-mail is sent to you.

Step VI –  request for application fee payment
Now you should effect the application fee payment by money transfer to the University bank account as given in the e-mail sent to you and submit the scanned copy of the bank confirmation.

Step VII –  entrance exam
Getting  the status ‘eligible for the entrance exam’ you have to choose the date of the Skype exam session  in the given calendar. When the date is confirmed  you will get the e-mail with details.

Step  VIII – result of the admission process
Your status is respectively changed and confirmed by e-mail

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