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1.What is your name, where are you from?

My name is Christina Kajca and I’m from Germany.

2.Why did you decide to study abroad?

I decided to study abroad because of the experience and because of the fact that I will study in English and will be able to practice in a lot of different countries other than Germany, after I graduate.

3.What did you like most about Premedical Course? What were the benefits of participating in it?

About the Premedical Course I liked that you slowly got introduced to the lifestyle and studying habits of a medical/dentistry student and that you learnt all the basic knowledge and language skills before you actually start your studies.

4.Why did you decide to study dentistry?

Since my mom is a Dentist and I spent a lot of time in her Dental Practice watching her working and got interested in dentistry pretty early already. My interest got bigger as I got older and finally after my High School graduation I decided to study dentistry at the MUL.

5.Why did you choose MUL?

I chose MUL because of its location in Lodz where part of my family lives and the Dentistry Department with modern Dental Units which enables students to learn their practical skills on a high quality level.

6.What do you like about your studies?

About dentistry I like the fact that you can improve the oral health of your patients and cure their diseases, as well as the interpersonal contact with patients and the room for career growth in this profession with so many various fields of specialization.

7.What was the strangest, funniest thing you have encountered during your stay here?

Lodz and its people are actually surprising me every day. From people casually carrying monkeys as a pet on their shoulder, others randomly dancing on the streets or participating in one of maaaany random parades you can see everything on a normal study day on the Piotrkowska street. Even if the weather here is as predictable as the drivers…not at all. One day you might take out your Flipflops because it suddenly got 30 degrees while during the next day you will need a paddle boat to get to Uni because cars are sinking on the streets due to all the rain.

8.What is one part of your culture that you would like to share with Poles?

Since Germany and Poland are neighbor countries there are actually a lot of similarities in their cultures. The only thing I could think of would be the hardworking, punctual and precise personality traits of a German I would show to a Polish person, since that’s what Germans are known for.

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