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1.What is your name, where are you from?

Steve de Santo and I am from Germany with an American Italian background.

2.Why did you decide to study abroad?

I am an absolute travel addict. I enjoy experiencing the world with its different cultures and what it has to offer. I moved away from home when I was 14 in order to explore overseas, and ever since then I seek new experiences. Life is just too short to stay in one place and live the same routine our entire lives.

3.Why did you decide to study medicine?

I have always been fascinated with the human body. Back home I work as a fitness coach and that inspired me to expand my knowledge and further make a more professional career out of this profession. Also my parents are very passionate doctors.

4.Why did you choose MUL?

While coaching, I met a young couple that had studied here. She is now a dentist and he works in a hospital. They advised me that the Programme is great, and that there was a diverse student body which made the studies an interesting experience.

5.What do you like about your studies?

I enjoy the freedom and independence that the Programme offers. Also the direct “hands on” experiences in the Anatomy Building made it a pleasant transition into the medical Programme and what we have to expect.

6.What was the strangest, funniest thing you have encountered during your stay here?

I’d say the strangest thing so far here is the music genre “Disco Polo”. It’s vibrant energy that fills Piotrkowska at night, is quite amazing and very different compared to Germany.

7.What is one part of your culture that you would like to share with Poles?

I would love to take every Polish person to the Oktoberfest in my hometown of Munich. The food & drinks are phenomenal and in combination with the German folk music are just a sensation.

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