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1.What is your name, where are you from?

I am Thesrika Sukumar and I am from Malaysia

2.Why did you decide to study abroad?

Well I actually wanted to experience studying in a different environment meaning with people of different nationalities, cultures and tradition.  This is an opportunity for me to witness a completely new way of life. I consider studying abroad also as a chance to experience different styles of education. On top of this, I will return with a new perspective on culture, language skills, a great education, and a willingness to learn. Needless to say, all of these are very attractive to future employers.

3. Why did you decide to study medicine/dentistry?

I have always been amazed by how complex the human body is and how the different systems in the body coordinate so well to have it work efficiently. So, I wanted to learn more in detail about it. As a student and later in my career I’ll be having a direct impact on people’s lives that will certainly satisfy my sense of duty of giving back to the society as well.

4.Why did you choose MUL?

I have been to Lodz earlier and quite like the place. When I visited the University earlier, I liked the approach of the administrative officers. It gave me a good impression on this university. In addition to that, I had friends here who recommended this university.

5.What do you like about your studies?

I like the fact that we don’t only learn courses that we are supposed to have knowledge on but also some other subjects that are interesting and related to the field of medicine.

6.What is one part of your culture that you would like to share with Poles?

I am a traditional Indian dancer. So, I think I would like others to see the unique form of performing arts in my culture as I believe it explains more about my culture and tradition that what words can describe.

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