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Graduation and Diploma

The Doctor of Medicine degree is conferred and a diploma is issued to those who successfully complete all requirements for graduation including:

1. Passing all core courses and required number of electives.
2. Submitting a Student’s Book Examination Chart at the Deanery and filled circulary form.
3. Covering all financial obliagtions.
4. Graduates deliver 8 pictures informal dress (size 45mmx65mm).

Legalization of your documents

Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA) certifies the following documents awarded by Polish higher education institutions:

  • Diplomas and diploma supplements and their official copies (odpis), including official copies in foreign languages issued by the university.
  • Certificates of completion of postgraduate studies (świadectwo ukończenia studiów podyplomowych).
  • Duplicates of diplomas, diploma supplements, and certificates of completion of postgraduate studies.
  • Certificates of completion of studies (zaświadczenie o ukończeniu studiów).


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