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Rector’s Award

The Medical University of Lodz is proud to inform that since the academic year 2013/2014 Rector’s Award will be presented to the students of the English Division every academic year. You may find the Rules and Regulations of the Rector’s Award below.

Wishing you Good Luck!!!

*Rector’s Award is subject to tax deduction due to polish law (for more information regarding this matter please contact our financial office).


Rector’s Award for the academic year 2020/2021


Dear Students,

I am very pleased to inform that the Rector’s Award 2020/2021 for the outstanding academic achievements has been granted to Mr. Edward Joaquim Jose Clarke, the 5th year student of 6MD program.
Mr. Edward Joaquim Jose Clarke has obtained 43,65 points which is the best result out of all the applicants.
Congratulations to Mr. Edward Joaquim Jose Clarke from all the employees of the Administrative Center for Studies in English.


Best regards,

Prof. Sebastian Kłosek, MD, DMD, PhD
Vice-Dean for Studies in English
Faculty of Medicine
Medical University of Lodz


“It’s an incredible, lifelong honour to be nominated as the Rectors Award winner again. Not only am I grateful to be the winner, I’m grateful to our university for allowing me to actualise my dreams and to reach my full potential. None of my achievements would have been possible without the help and support of the all the staff of the Deans office, the Dean, Prof Klosek, Rector, Prof Kordek, and my tutor – Dr Wysiadecki.” 

Edward Joaquim Jose Clarke


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