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Application Process

Application process step by step :

  1. Go to the UMED Registration Portal : https://registration.umed.lodz.pl/
  2. Register yourself. You password must contain at least 8 characters. If you forget your password, please contact the Admission Team at admission@umed.lodz.pl
  3. Choose the application for the program of your interest.
  4. Fill in the proper application form step by step.
  5. Check it carefully once you have filled in all sections.
  6. Click the “submit” button. Please keep in mind that after submitting your data, you will no longer be able to change it.
  7. You will automatically be redirected to the next part of application : Files. The files icon should appear on your personal panel.
  8. Click on the files icon and upload the scanned copies of the required documents. Documents should be in the JPEG or PDF format only. The required format of the passport photo is JPEG.
  9. Click the “accept all documents” button after uploading all the required documents.
  10. The next stage belongs to the Admission Team : the Admission Committee will verify your documents to check if you meet the admission criteria.
  11. You will receive an e-mail from the Admission Office with their decision and instructions on how to proceed further.
  12. After you pass the first step of the procedure (documents verification) and make the application fee payment (120 EUR) and once your status is changed to “eligible for entrance exam” you will see the “entrance exam” button in your personal panel.
  13. Click the “entrance exam” button and sign up for the exam by selecting the most convenient date and time.
  14. Once you have successfully signed up, an e-mail containing all the information regarding the exam will be sent to you.
  15. You will be notified about the exam result by the Admission Team via e-mail.
  16. After you successfully pass the entrance exam, you will be instructed by the Admission Team on how to proceed in order to receive the Letter of Acceptance.
  17. Receiving the official Letter of Acceptance is the final step and the confirmation of your acceptance to MUL.


Application process  – general information :

  1.  Application process is being conducted on line.
    Applicants have to register online, accordingly to the instruction by filling in the Application Form and submitting the scanned copies of the required application documents as below:

      • Scanned copies of diplomas/certificates and  transcripts of the former education
      • Scanned copy of the English Certificate
      • Scanned Passport copy
      • Scanned Photo

    Applicants get the personal account in our on-line system. Their changing status is always confirmed by an e-mail.

  2. Applicants who successfully complete the admission process are accepted to the Medical University of Lodz when they meet the admission criteria (what is verified by the Admission Committee), pass the MS Teams entrance exam and get the official Letter of Acceptance.
  3. The official Letter of Acceptance (required for application for student visa) will be sent to successful applicants after submitting by mail original, legalized school leaving certificates (diploma), which entitles for admission to the university in the country it was issued and all other original application documents
    to the University postal address:

Medical University of Lodz 
Admission Office of Studies in English
pl. gen. J. Hallera 1
90-647 Łódź, Poland

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