Group change rules for students

Student Groups:

  1. Students are assigned to groups before the Orientation Week
  2. Dean’s groups consist of 12 students, clinical groups consist of 6 students
  3. Groups are diverse in terms of nationality and gender

Individual student’s group change on the student’s request can occur only in accordance with the following rules:

Group transfer is possible:

  1. starting from the second year of studies;
  2. when the target group has fewer than 12 students (max. 11 students  in the group);
  3. only in case of special and well-founded circumstances, with the Dean’s consent.

A written letter with listed arguments (directed to the Dean for Studies in English) should be submitted to the current administrative coordinator by the 31st July of the academic year preceding the academic year of the possible group transfer. If approved by the Dean, group transfer will be effective from the 1st October. The coordinator will inform the student about the Dean’s final decision.