Summer Training


  1. Each student needs to complete the Training by the end of the summer retake examination session
  2. In order to have the training credited the Students need to complete it and submit a Summer Training Chart filled in, stamped and signed by the Training Supervisor at the Dean’s Office – to your Administrative Coordinator (or have it sent directly to the Dean’s office by the hospital) before the deadline mentioned in point 1.
  3. The training must be conducted according to the program presented in the appropriate Summer Training Chart. Summer Training Charts for each year of studies can be downloaded below.
  4. The Students must have valid Safe Student Life Insurance (malpractice insurance) and Hepatitis b Vaccination (or confirmed Hepatitis  B immunity)
  5. The students can decide to:
    • complete the training organized on their own – in Łódź or other cities/countries during the whole academic year – but remember that your classes are your priority! If you decide to do the training organized on your own you will be responsible for all arrangements. You can ask your coordinator for the letter of recommendation in case if you need one.
    • complete the training organized by the Medical University of Łódź – in different hospitals in the Łódź agglomeration, only during summer holidays – please keep in mind that the summer holidays may vary depending on the program/year of studies. If you decide to do the Training organized by MUL you will be supported in getting the placement.In the summer semester all students receive an e-mail from the e-mail address and have to reply to that e-mail in the given deadline
  1. According to the curriculum of the studies you have to complete specific fields of the training on each year of studies:

Summer Training Charts for the academic year 2022/2023:


1st year – nursing (120 hours/4 weeks)

2nd year – family medicine (90 hours/3 weeks) AND emergency aid (30 hours/1 week)

3rd year – internal medicine (120 hours/4 weeks)

4th year – pediatrics (60 hours/2 weeks) AND intensive therapy (60 hours/2 weeks)

5th year – obstetrics & gynecology (60 hours/2 weeks) AND surgery (60 hours/2 weeks)

5th year MD Adv– obstetrics & gynecology (60 hours/2 weeks), surgery (60 hours/2 weeks), pediatrics (60 hours/2 weeks) AND intensive therapy (60 hours/2 weeks)

5DMD (the charts will be uploaded soon)

1st year – organization of medical care (60 hours/2 weeks) AND dental surgery assistance (60 hours/2 weeks)


2nd year – dental surgery assistance (60 hours/2 weeks) AND dental surgery practice (60 hours/2 weeks)


3rd year – maxillofacial surgery OR internal diseases OR general surgery (60 hours/2 weeks) AND dental surgery practice (60 hours/2 weeks)




4th year – dental surgery practice (120 hours/4 weeks)

If you have any queries, please send an e-mail to: