Do I have to upload printed and signed Application Form?
Do I have to fill out and upload the Health Form available on the website?
When the Committee is going to evaluate my documents?
Do I have to take the Skype entrance exam from the same subjects that I have on my school leaving certificates/diplomas?
Can I apply for the 2nd semester of medicine/dentistry studies?
Do you offer any preparation courses for dentistry and medicine?
I’m interested in studying at MUL. Can someone guide me around the University?
Do you offer any discounts for the EU or EEA citizens?
My parents are Polish. Can I get a discount on my tuition?
Can I apply for the 4 year MD program without having the BSc degree?
I’ve already finished studies and I’m holding an MA/MSc degree. Is it possible for me to be exempted from the entrance exam?
I want to transfer to MUL from another University. Can I do it now?