Payment instruction

In order to effect payment for tuition or dormitory rent please pay attention to proper completion of money transfer documents.

All university accounts are run by ING BANK ŇöLńĄSKI and their numbers differ depending on¬† currency of payment, program you attend or dormitory you reside.

When completing transfer order  please use dual English /Polish  name for  tuition/czesne and for the dormitory/akademik.

Tuition/czesne in EURO
MD PROGRAMS ¬†‚Äst account number¬†PL*¬†26105014611000002282381231
DMD PROGRAM ‚Äď account number¬†PL* 94105014611000002306765807

Tuiton/czesne  in USD
MD programs ‚Äď account number¬†¬†PL* 64105014611000000503895732
* If transfer is made from abroad, add PL before the digits.

Dormitory/akademik¬† in PLN¬†¬†¬†¬†‚Äď payments only in Polish currency
II¬†¬† DOM¬† STUDENTA/Lumumby¬†¬† ‚Äst account number ¬†¬†88105014611000002282378369¬†¬†
III¬† DOM¬† STUDENTA/Mazowiecka¬†‚Äď account number¬†¬†77105014611000002282378567
IV¬† DOM¬† STUDENTA¬†/ Hallera¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† ‚Äst account¬† number¬†19105014611000002282378641¬†¬†

ID Card/ Legitymacja Studencka (Pln)¬†‚Äď ¬†account number¬†46105014611000000503784118

Bank details:
mailing address:¬†ul.KopciŇĄskiego 73/75, 90-033 ŇĀ√≥dŇļ, Poland
address:¬†Al.¬†KoŇõciuszki 4, 90-419 ŇĀ√≥dŇļ, Poland

Tuition fee for all students is  paid in 4 equal intallments ( except of the 1st year students who pay tuition  in 2 installments)  

Payments deadline:
1st installment ‚Äst15.10.2016
2nd installment ‚Äď 15.12.2016
3rd installment¬†‚Äď 15.02.2017
4th installment¬†‚Äď 15.05.2017

Students of the first year :
1st¬†installment ‚Äst7 days after signing the Student Contract
2nd installment ‚Äst15.02. 2017

Above  dates of breakdown should be followed.

Statutory penalty interest (8% per year) is calculated for each day, starting eight days after the Student Contract is signed until the date MUL’s account is credited with the amount of a delayed tuition payment.

It is acceptable , if for any reason student prefers to pay  tuition fee in one time payment or in  2 installments.

Interest payment note
Following regulations of the financial law in Poland , The Medical University of Lodz , as a public institution is obliged to charge students who delay payments with the statutory penalty interest fee, established by government at the rate of 8 % per year.

Such fee is calculated for each day, starting one day after tuition payment is due until the date MUL’s account is credited with the amount of a delayed tuition payment.

As  per MUL Resolution 403/2011, students  who delay tuition payment for more than 3 months are exposed  for more severe restrictions including expulsion from University.

Process of cashing foreign checks received by the students of studies in English, at the Medical University of Lodz.

1/ The payment date of tuition fees payable by check issued to the student and the University and cashed by the Medical University of Lodz shall be the date the check reception by the University.

2/ In the case of the check issued to the student and the University, but cashed personally by the student, the payment date of tuition fees shall be the date of the check reception and booking on the University account.

In the case of delayed, untimely payment, the University charges statutory interest which shall be paid by the student.