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Student government

Dear Student,

It is that time of the year again, time to select the people that will represent the student body.  For all those interested in positions in the student government, please send an email with your name, position of interest and a little blurb about your self.  We will post it on our website (upon approval).  Please refer to the constitution of the association for the conditions and job descriptions of each position of the government. Description of each position is detailed in the constitution. Voting will take place on Monday the 4th of November at 18:30 at Mazowiecka dorm no 3. 

A note to first years,

Please select a student representative for your group.  These representatives will be the person responsible for communicating to the student government as well as raising your concerns with the administration. Suggestions, concerns will be voiced through your representative. Should there be anymore questions, please refer to the association’s constitution.

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