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William Abou Shahla

Graduate of MD Advanced Program 2021

Postgraduate Research Fellow in the Department of Dermatology at American University of Beirut

It was not easy to say goodbye to all the people I knew during my studies in Poland, as well to the friends who became family after the four years of medical education. We came from a variety of backgrounds but we all shared the love for the Polish culture and Poland’s educational system.

Right after graduation, I went on to pursue an internship at the Hotel Dieu de France University Hospital.  Soon after, with the education I gained at MUL, it was no challenge for me to get hired at the American University of Beirut as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the department of Dermatology. 

Even when I might be considered as someone taking the “long way home,”I take pride in the time and effort put into paving the road less taken among other graduates. 

My message for the new graduates is to find their passion and to be eager for taking any chance that might place them a step closer to their final goal.