MUL innovators success at IPITEX 2023

Innovation Incubator 4.0 financed from European funds as part of the non-competitive project ‘Support for scientific research management and commercialization of R&D results in scientific units and enterprises’, implemented under the Smart Growth Operational Program 2014-2020

The innovative solutions designed by MUL researchers were exhibited in Polish pavilion at International Intellectual Property, Invention, Innovation and Technology Exposition (IPITEx 2023) held on 2-6 February, 2023 in Bangkok, and gained international recognition. They were assessed as the solutions with the potential for commercial application on Asian markets, in Thailand and Laos in particular.

ECO CPR: The resuscitation phantom from Medical University of Łódź gained 2. IPITEX’s award. The ecological training phantom was designed by Filip Jaśkiewicz MD PhD, Marcin Cierniak PhD, Rafał Dobruchowski PhD, Przemysław Sękalski PhD. It is noteworthy that exhibitors from beyond Asia have not been as highly recognised for a long while.

The ecological phantom is to a large extent made from recyclable materials: paper, cardboard or coconut fibre. The product was internationally acclaimed for, among others, its innovative approach to design and production of this type of device without diminishing its quality, functionality and effectiveness.

Polish exhibitors received 8 gold, 10 silver and 6 bronze medals for their innovative projects. The list of awarded projects by MUL researchers includes:

  • Functional Food for Future (FF4F) – Oenothera Paradoxa – innovative natural extract to support i.a. oncology patients byProf. Lucyna A. Woźniak, Małgorzata Bukowiecka-Matusiak MD PhD, Izabela Burzyńska-Pędziwiatr MD PhD, Małgorzata Chmielewska-Kassassir MD PhD, Wojciech Ciszewski MD PhD, Prof. Monika A. Olszewska, Aleksandra Owczarek-Januszkiewicz MD PhD, Katarzyna Sobierajsk MD PhD
    • National Research Council of Thajland – Gold Prize
  • ECO CPR: Ecological training Phantom to teach basic resuscitation by Filip Jaśkiewicz MD PhD, Marcin Cierniak PhD, Rafał Dobruchowski PhD, Przemysław Sękalski PhD
    • National Research Council of Thailand – Gold Prize
  • Innovative „combo” formulation for treatment of angioma in children by Prof. Jerzy Niedzielski; Prof. Paweł Szymański
    • National Research Council of Thailand – Silver Prize
  • Endotracheal tube stabilizer: low-cost, high-safety modular system for endotracheal tube stabilisation– Paweł Głowacki, Prof. Waldemar Machała
    • National Research Council of Thailand – Gold Prize